Children For Sale – Child Trafficking In India

Rebel Voice has voiced its anger many times regarding the way in which many children of our world are being abused, terrorised and their pain ignored. Whilst organisations such as Extinction Rebellion and Greenpeace are worthy in their aims, they may inadvertently distract from the single greatest injustice taking place today, the inhumane treatment of children.

Imagine if all of the protest groups on the planet focused solely upon the protection and health of children. It would not be long until the problems of child abuse were no more. If generation after generation of children were raised in safe and nurturing environments, then generation after generation of responsible, physically healthy and emotionally stable adults would emerge. These citizens of the world would be more attuned to the planet’s needs and would subsequently ensure that our climate is protected for future generations.

As it stands, small measures to address climate change will have limited impact. The global Establishment have no incentive to effect greater environmental protections. Climate activists are trying to reason with those who cannot be reasoned with. The naivety of such well-intentioned people is often staggering as, if history has taught us anything, it’s that those who exploit will always strive to exploit. It will be easier to change the climate than to change the nature of an exploitative member of the Establishment.

In terms of shaping a viable and sustainable future, and climate, for everyone, a clearer perspective must be formulated. The concept of Childcentricity, whereby children are given first, with the remainder shared among the adults, is the only feasible method for success. Protect the children, ensure that they are appropriately cared for and watch them grow into the kind of adults who have healthy minds, scruples and a strong sense of morality. You will then achieve all the climate protections necessary. Those adults within the Establishment (also known as The Surplass) who are sociopathic in their attitudes towards the suffering of others, including childrenwere either neglected themselves as children or were raised by inhumans who imparted their callous disregard for morality. Growing up in affluent surroundings does not, sadly, ensure that a good person will reach adulthood.

For those who wish to highlight the need for providing somewhere safe for children to live, a two-prong approach can be implemented, for both children and environment, but the children must be given priority otherwise all the energy spent in tackling climate issues will be lost in both short and, more especially, long-term. Negotiating with inhumans? Think talking to a brick wall.

The following article provides insight into how children are being abused and exploited in India, the second most populous nation on the face of this earth. Perhaps, instead of more donkey sanctuaries, our limited resources could be better employed in protecting these children? It speaks volumes when a nation offers greater protection and respect to its cows than its children.

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