Joseph Kony – Lord’s Resistance Army – A Monster In Religious Guise

Here’s another chance to meet the monster, Joseph Kony, an African warlord responsible for terrible atrocities over decades and still running free and terrorising vulnerable communities. Perhaps, if Kony had threatened western oil supplies, he would have been dealt with long ago?

Rebel Voice

Jospeh Kony is one of the most wanted men in Africa. He is a seriously deluded individual who has abducted countless children and indoctrinated them into his religion-inspired ‘army’. He is at war with the Ugandan government who are also brutal in their methods. Sadly, as is always the case in such conflict, it is the ordinary people, especially the children, who suffer as massive egos and twisted ideologies do battle.

Propaganda rages around Kony. Some stories may be deliberately exaggerated to hurt his profile in international circles, but too many are not. His modus operandi is savage. So long as the major powers of the world maintain their narrow focus upon profit and territorial gain, then monsters such as Kony will roam free, and people will suffer and die.

The following is the first interview that he has given to a reporter. It allows us a brief glimpse at…

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