Monster Jam 2019: Orlando Monster Trunks

For those of us in Ireland, we often think of all the things our North American cousins are famous for; American Football, basketball, tasty hot-dogs, chlorinated chicken, obesity, great horror movies, school shootings, Hollywood, porn, invading other countries and Levis to name but a few. We could throw in certifiably insane Presidents but are too polite to do so. However, one fantastic sport that is most certainly from the good ole US of A is that of Monster Trucks and their crazy antics.

These finely tuned behemoths are supercharged and supercool as they enthrall stadiums full of adoring fans, both young and old, by racing and powering into the air as high as possible. They also do flips and crush other more ordinary vehicles in an (to use the vernacular) awesome display of frigging cool. Ireland needs Monster Trucks.

It’s easy to see why people flock to these events. They are entertaining as hell, assuming hell is entertaining which it should be given all the mental residents gathered there at this time. Imagine being somewhere with Rasputin, Genghis Khan, Julius Caesar, Mata Hari, Maggie Thatcher, Catherine the Great and Bernard Manning, it would be awesome (there we go again).

Anyhoo, getting back on topic, the following video lets us have a look at highlights from the Monster Jam of 2019. In an example of the progressive nature of the sport, viewers will see that the winner of the first event, which involves trying to get your massive vehicle as high into the air as possible, was won by a woman. Annnd… the freestyle final was also won by a woman. So much for men being better drivers. Rebel Voice says ‘You go girls!’  If you want a real sense of Monster Truck rallies and what makes them so attractive, then take a look at the driving of Linsey Read, who demonstrated exactly how it should be done.

Image result for Linsey Read and scooby doo truck

Enjoy the festivities and plan your first or next trip to this great occasion. Ireland is calling you Monster Jam, can you hear us?

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