Incredible Iranian Parkour – Dizzying Spectacle (Not For The Faint Of Heart)

Iran is a nation much in the news of late. If we were to believe all that we are being told by the western media, we would think that Iran was still existing in a feudal state. The truth however, is much different.

The following footage follows one Iranian exponent of the adrenaline sport known as Parkour. This often extreme sport can involve jumping from tall building to tall building. There can be a huge degree of risk involved, and there is always a great degree of athleticism and skill. Those who practise it are exceptional athletes. Have a look at some truly hair-raising stunts and get to see inside the nation of Iran at the same time (before western imperialism blows it to pieces…).

Rebel Voice advises that you do not try this at home, or in your town, or in anyone else’s town for that matter, especially the stunt where the fella changes his shirt hanging off a building  a few hundred feet in the air. He’s mental; has to be, completely bananas.

Titbit: Parkour comes from the French, parcour, meaning course, path or route (from parcours du combattant (obstacle course in English)). It was developed in France by Raymond Belle with his son, David, further expanding the sport. An individual practitioner is known as a traceur (female, traceuse), and an event featuring traceurs is known as a jam.

Here is some more from the wonderful world of Parkour:

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