Gaza And Her Fishermen – This Is Their Story

Here’s another chance to see this fine piece on the fishermen of Gaza and the persecution they face from Zionist aggression.

Rebel Voice

Independent news reports upon The Palestine Crisis have repeatedly shown the manner in which the rogue state of Israel is waging war on the civilian population of Palestine. Nowhere is suffering more than in the open air prison known as The GazaStrip.

For too many years the Zionist regime has enforced a blockade of this region, home to 2 million people. They have been denied clean water, sewage treatment, electricity, food, and peace by the incessant and hostile actions of the Israeli state. The World looks on but no government has so far tried to intervene in any meaningful way. Empty rhetoric is not doing much to protect the people of Gaza.

One of the sectors of society in Gaza that is regularly featured in news reports is the fishing industry. This is not a major commercial operation. The Israeli regime would never allow that. It is an…

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