Suicide Rates Of Black Children In USA Increasing – Social Emergency

Child suicide. These two words are an abomination. These two words represent the greatest atrocity in our world. These two words resonate with the failure of a species. These two words are to be heard more and more across the planet.

Children are biologically programmed to survive. Nature intended it that way. They learn fast and are incredibly astute. It’s a survival mechanism. Even the young who have been abandoned by worthless adults, to forge a life on the cold and unforgiving streets, will do everything they can to survive. They will beg, steal, fight and run to stay alive.

So when a child becomes so emotionally broken, so psychologically messed-up that they decide that they can no longer continue to exist, then that’s about the worst set of circumstances there is. In societies today, many children feel that way. The program that nature created for them is being subverted, over-written, destroyed. Children are choosing to self-destruct. That’s how bad life is for them. It’s an abomination; it represents the greatest atrocity in our world and it resonates with the failure of a species.

The following short piece looks at the increasing incidence of black child suicide in the United States of America, a nation with ample resources to care for all of its children regardless of race, religion or ethnicity, but a nation that chooses instead to drop bombs and missiles upon the children of others.

The death of a child anywhere should sadden us all. The suicide of any child should shame us all. In this video, Rebel Voice has questions about the apparently self-centred behaviour of the mothers shown. The two mothers are understandably upset, but did they do enough to try to protect their suffering children? It may not be that they’re bad people. It might be that they were slightly neglectful of the needs of their children, and sadly that may be all it takes. Rebel Voice can be cynical at times, but won’t go squishy at the images of the mothers shown, as they don’t ring true. The deaths of the children does though.

Rebel Voice is reminded of a particular Irishman who became a ‘father’. He absconded his duties as parent and avoided paying child support, using the internal border in Ireland to do so. He was a terrible ‘father’ guilty of neglect. He took no time to view things from his son’s perspective, to get a sense of how circumstances made his son feel. His child grew up with feelings of abandonment and insecurity. He felt rejected. As the young boy caught up in this emotional maelstrom became a teen, he never fully came to terms with his lot in life. Eventually, he took his own life.

The ‘father’ grieved for his son in as much as someone that self-centred can grieve for anyone but themselves. He ran out and got a tattoo with his son’s name on his shoulder. He was always a boozer but took to it with greater enthusiasm, perhaps to cope with his guilt. He wept when drunk, mumbling platitudes about his dead son. He was, and is, pathetic. Should such people be allowed to make babies? Should such people be given the freedom to create life and then destroy it? And yes, the mother also had a role to play. She failed to reinforce the security and love her son needed. She didn’t pick up the slack left by a deadbeat ‘father’. Two people with the capability for bringing new life into the world, but without the ability to nurture that life.

The above example raises all sorts of talking points, philosophical questions and quandaries. Licence to breed? Eugenics? A points-based system for the right to have children? Strong punitive action for those who fail as parents? A radical overhaul of the entire system? Many answers are needed for questions not yet being properly asked. One thing is certain. When children decide to self-destruct, the society that foments such actions is a failed one, and one which needs to be changed immediately.

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