Top 10 Best Action Movie Endings

Action movies are great, aren’t they? Muscled men and women fighting bad guys and good guys and scary animals (how did Trump get into this?), bombs and bullets and adventures and discoveries, it’s all happening in action movies. Some are memorable and others are instantly forgettable. Predator with big Arnie? Memorable, and he can’t even act. The Peacemaker with George Clooney and Nicole Kidman? Instantly forgettable and they can both act very well.

On the subject of The Peacemaker, one of Rebel Voice‘s pet hates is on display in this film. In one scene, George Clooney’s character utters the cliched phrase, “Oh my god!”, during a scene of high tension. Any heterosexual male who uses that term in any way but laced with heavy sarcasm deserves a swift kick in he bollox. That terrible term being used by such a great actor was the most memorable event in the entire damn movie. Rant over.

In the following presentation, we get to see one list of 10 of the best endings of action movies. It’s a very subjective list. What passes for a great ending for one person might not float the boat of everyone. But take a scally at this lot and see if you agree. If not, what movie endings would you include? (the one with the Irishmen chasing a mouse around their kitchen doesn’t count. That was barely action, more like slapstick).

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