Bond Movies – Worst To Best

The name’s Bond, Jimmy Bond, and I’m an Irish milkman. It’s not the same when the occupation is something mundane (all respect to providers of dairy products). James Bond is an institution, even if he stretches the realms of credibility and can be regarded as a narcissistic sexist pig. Apparently, women love the type. I wonder if anyone ever asked them about it?

Anyhow, here’s one list of Bond films for you, rated for you to agree or disagree with. Rebel Voice is not one of those “purists” who reckon that Sean Connery is the best Bond ever. Our money lies with Craig, Daniel Craig, if only because the stunts are much better, as are the soundtracks.

Let’s see if this list leaves you shaken or stirred. C’mon, there’s little material to work with here. We do what we can and that’s not a lot so scram and hit the link below or we’ll come round your house, thoroughly shag your wife and the blow the place up, all without damaging the new tux. (By the way, has anyone ever noticed that Bond never uses a condom? He does like to live dangerously).

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