Famous US Author On Government Lies

‘You tried to tell people the whole thing was a lie, nothing but a baldfaced naked lie, that nuclear-generated power was eventually going to kill millions and render huge tracts of land sterile and unlivable. What you got back was a blank stare. You talked to people who had lived through one administration after another in which their elected officials told one lie after another, then lied about the lies, and when those lies were found out the liars said, ‘Oh Jeez, I forgot, sorry’ – and since they forgot, the people who elected them behaved like Christians and forgave. You couldn’t believe there were so fucking many of them willing to do that until you remembered what P.T. Barnum said about the extraordinarily high rate of suckers. They looked you square in the face when you tried to tell them the truth and informed you that you were full of shit, the American government didn’t tell lies, not telling lies was what made America great…’   

– taken from The Tommyknockers by Stephen King

This passage, taken from King’s famous 1987 sci-fi chiller, could have been written for today’s world. As always, King was ahead of the curve on a great many things. Rebel Voice imagines that Stephen King is not a firm favourite of the US Federal government. Like Steinbeck before him, we can only hope that the bold Stephen views this as a badge of honour.

Image result for nuclear disaster

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