Udav – New Russian Handgun To Compete With The Big Boys

A Russian company has just released its newest handgun and it’s now up for public analysis. In a handgun world dominated by the likes of Sig Sauer, Glock, Colt and Beretta, those ole Russkies have decided to compete with the big boys of the small arms world.

The Udav is a 9mm semi-automatic with all the capabilities of more popular brands. Whether or not it’s as reliable as Sig, only time will tell. The Russian Makarov will be familiar to many as the official sidearm of the Russian military. But the Makarov did not have the best of reputations. Its range was limited to 50m whereas the Udav has doubled that. In a world increasingly stocked with the means to kill other people, a Russian company is planning to provide even further scope for those intent on shooting someone. It’s not entirely their fault. The profits in making weapons is substantial and if they don’t sell guns then someone else will. It’s not the best reason to go into business but then Capitalism is a dirty and greasy business and at least handguns are not biological weapons or ballistic missiles (Rebel Voice is reaching for any bright points in this story).

Here is an overview of the newest Russian weapon. How will it compare?

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