Russia’s New Drones A Challenge To US Aerial Supremacy?

Wars are increasingly being fought remotely. Whether it’s the use of ballistic missiles or airforce military strikes or cyber-war, there is an increased tendency by the major powers to avoid putting feet on the street of foreign lands, unless those feet are not those of your own troops. One sector that is growing exponentially is […]

Russian Futuristic Robot Military Vehicle – War Becomes Video-game

The recent trend for using ROV‘s, or remotely operated vehicles, in the theatre of war should be a worrying development for those who understand armed conflict. In long gone days, when men fought with swords and spears, it was a bigger deal to take a life. A combatant could smell his opponent, including the scent […]

New Technologies That Will Shape Our World

There is much debate about the way our societies are progressing in terms of technology. Are we rushing headlong into a humanitarian disaster, or are we over-analyzing everything as we did with the arrival of the millennium – remember how everything was rumoured to shut down with apocalyptic consequences? The following video gives us a […]

Russian War-bots On The Rise

This article looks at the emergence of unmanned military vehicles in the Russian arsenal. It appears that life is beginning to imitate ‘art’ as the sci-fi of the silver screen makes its way onto the streets of our towns and villages. It could be argued that the script-writers of today are shaping the battlefields of […]

The Silent Corner

Book Review The Silent Corner  –  by Dean Koontz This thriller by Koontz appears to be the first in a series. FBI Agent, Jane Hawk (oh dear, anyone remember who Agent Starling is? Shame on you Deano, you lazy sod), has taken a leave of absence to privately investigate the suicide of her loving husband, […]