Russian War-bots On The Rise

This article looks at the emergence of unmanned military vehicles in the Russian arsenal. It appears that life is beginning to imitate ‘art’ as the sci-fi of the silver screen makes its way onto the streets of our towns and villages. It could be argued that the script-writers of today are shaping the battlefields of tomorrow. Although this would mean that less combatants are placed in danger, any benefits are outweighed by the detachment that machines, and their operators, will have with their targets.

Drones are a constant in global armies today. People are becoming obsolete in carrying out attacks. They are not unnecessary when it comes to dying. Should we eventually reach the stage where military geeks sit in sterile rooms and command powerful weapons by remote, as if they are playing a video game, then we will have reached the point where human life is of little further consequence beyond a chosen few. Perhaps we’re closer to that place than many realize.

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