Russia Holds Large-scale Military Drills

When nations conduct military drills, they are not just testing their own capabilities and improving unit cohesion, they are also sending out a message to those who might challenge them. Russia has just held a large-scale military drill which was designed to proclaim their readiness to take on the United States of America. This comes on the back of similar drills conducted with China. Their message is clear. We are ready for you.

Such military and political machinations usually go unnoticed by the general public elsewhere. But any future conflict will affect us all. We must watch in horror as the major global powers limber up and stretch their considerable muscles. In more human terms, it’s really just men posturing and beating their chests, scratching their hairy navels, spitting and belching as a means of demonstrating their virility and great strength. Sad.

The following video shows just what is in store should war break out. Although the weaponry is designed to be used on military targets, it’s usually the case that civilians will end up maimed and/or dead. Aren’t we a fine species?

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