Education In Palestine: West Bank Struggle For School Dreams

Crimes against humanity can take many forms. Ethnic cleansing is one, sexual assaults as a policy is another. Starving people is a third as is the random slaughter of civilians. Israel is guilty of all of these and more. They are also guilty of depriving Palestinian children of their right to an education. Schools are regularly closed and often destroyed by either excavator or bomb.

It’s an insidious approach to ethnic cleansing. Israel knows that the open forcing of indigenous people from their homes and land would provoke a strong international response. Therefore, they try to keep it more low-key, more subtle. They fail. Yet, even as evidence mounts up against the Zionist state, governments of the West (in thrall to Zionist money) remain quiet, with little more than mealy-mouthed condemnations offered to cover their shame.

The denial of education to children in Palestine must be viewed in the wider context of a sinister attempt to make life for Palestinians so uncomfortable, and dangerous, as to force them to migrate. Israel can then state that the land is underpopulated as they annex. In this scenario, children become pawns in the horrific games that the rogue state of Israel plays with human life.

The following article takes a closer look at the war that Israel is waging upon the children of Palestine.

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