India’s Missing Children – An Epidemic of Inhumanity On The Sub-continent

There can be few stories as shocking as the abduction of children. It happens daily across the planet. Authorities are not doing enough to prevent it. Until they do, our species will not have earned their place here as senior stewards of Earth.

In India, there is serious social deprivation. There is crime. There is abuse and depravity. There is a population of more than 1 billion people, the most of whom can only dream of a safe life based upon equality. Many won’t even dare to have that dream, so foreign is it. This needs to change.

The children in India fare the worst. They are considered chattel by many to be bartered and sold. Sometimes it’s the parents who are to blame, dispensing with children as and when they see fit. It’s a barbaric and inhuman approach to child welfare. But often the children are stolen and forced into vile industries that destroy them in every way imaginable.

It is estimated that every eight minutes a child goes missing in India.  It’s inhumanity on a massive scale. The good people who try to find them (and there are many) or prevent the abductions, where that is the reason for the disappearance, are overwhelmed. The authorities over many decades are to blame. Here is one story of a boy’s disappearance in India and his father’s attempts to find him. Part of what’s shocking in this documentary is the almost nonchalant attitude of many of those approached for help. It’s almost as if they have become so inured to the instance of missing children that they no longer care, if they ever did to begin with.

Indian police estimates are higher than others and they believe that as many as 80,000 minors go missing every year and whilst some are stolen, others simply run away from abusive homes or unhappy circumstances. Some sources suggest that in India there are several million missing women and children. India spends billions on military hardware annually, yet it can’t feed its young and take care of them. Rebel Voice asks the obvious, should this be allowed to continue?

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