Zombies Of Nairobi – Liquid Drug Epidemic And Street Children

This is a truly shocking piece of film about the lives of street children in Nairobi. It’s difficult to understand how any society can allow its children to live this way. Rebel Voice wonders what it says about our species. Can we be described as civilised when we meekly accept that in some places children are expendable and their lives meaningless? In a world of plenty, distribution is the problem. Surely it’s one we can solve? But as the following video shows, the will is not there.

In Nairobi the children are hooked on glue and jet fuel. They use it to escape their terrible existence. It’s hard to say exactly what has happened to these children to push them to this extreme. But when they are left to their own devices, they do seem to become feral as a coping mechanism, and by the time they get to their teenage years they are all but lost to us.

The footage shown is upsetting and may be deeply disturbing to some. But Rebel Voice believes that the truth is better known and shared so that maybe, just maybe, something can be awakened within our global society that will fully embrace Childcentricity.

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