Babies And Children Are Main Casualties Of Global Wars – Report

Rebel Voice¬†becomes nauseated every time a report emerges of further suffering heaped upon children around our world. Surely there can be no greater crime than to facilitate the abuse, whether directly or indirectly, of the young. Starvation, exposure, violence, sexual abuse, psychological abuse, emotional abuse, preventable diseases, it appears to be never-ending. As we observe […]

Lord Of The Flies – Classic Story By William Golding

Lord of the Flies by William Golding It’s likely that most readers will beware of this classic tale of how our species is programmed for conflict, and society merely masks it. But how many have actually read it? If you would like know a little more about Lord of the Flies, then stay with us […]

Yemeni Children – A Lost Generation

As terrible as any armed conflict is, there are additional hidden costs to the societies involved that are often overlooked. As someone who grew up in a war-zone, I have observed and experienced the effects of constant aggression as warring sides fight for supremacy. There is the public face of war; the bombs and bullets; […]

Indonesian Children Lack Disaster Response Education, Increased Risk Of Harm

It was in September, 2018, that a 7.5 magnitude earthquake hit the island nation of Indonesia. Estimates put the death toll at more than 832. Many buildings collapsed leaving entire families destitute and without shelter. The international response was muted. Among those worst affected by the disaster were the children. As terrified as they were, […]

Disabled Indonesian Boy Walks On Hands To Get To School

Sometimes no words can do justice to the hard reality of life for too many children. Rebel Voice won’t indulge in a prolonged introduction for this one. We wish only to say that most of us only think we have problems. Then we see a little boy from Indonesia who hasn’t got the full use of his legs, and must walk on his hands to get around. He does so uncomplaining. His courage, patience and tenacity should be a lesson to us all. Say hello to Mukhlis Abdul Holik, one of life’s young heroes.