Children That The Sex Tourists Leave Behind

Sex Tourism is global. It’s big money. There are those who visibly detest it and those who turn a blind eye. It provides a service for some but at what cost to others? When “Sex Tourists” travel around the globe in search of their targets, we can be certain that they go where there is little to no regulation. This facilitates the abuse of women and children. That’s the primary problem with this particular industry.

One other aspect of sex tourism is that sometimes these visitors leave behind children. Contraception is not always widely available in developing countries. Naive younger women, and sadly all too often girls, caught up in the sex industry may be unaware of the process, and need, for protection from both pregnancy and STIs. Sex Tourists don’t seem to care.

The result is that children are born and the fathers have disappeared back to their homes and lives far from the places they frequented to sate their sexual urges. Life for such a child is never going to be easy. OK, perhaps many of the fathers don’t realise they have helped create a new life, but is ignorance a viable excuse? In some nations, the children are determined to track down those who made them. This is their story.

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