Animal Haven As Treatment For Traumatised Child Victims Of Zionist Brutality

War creates victims. Pretty obvious statement, right? But who are the most victimised? Children. In all conflicts, domestic and otherwise, those who suffer the most are the most vulnerable among us, the young.

Nowhere is this more evident than in Palestine. As Israeli atrocities continue, in full view of the world, it’s the children of Palestine who are feeling the brunt of it. Some of them are beaten by the Israeli regime. Some of them are bullied by those same storm-troopers assisted by their paramilitaries squatters. Some of them are arrested. Some are grief-stricken having lost one of both parents. Some are terrified that Israeli jackboots will sound outside their homes at any time of day or night. All are traumatised.

There are good people on the ground in Palestine who work tirelessly to help those child victims of Israeli brutality. They employ many methods in their frantic attempts to ameliorate the damage being done to the children there. One of those tactics is the use of a petting zoo. It’s here that traumatised children are able to forget about the crisis in their homeland, if only for a short time, as they engage with farm animals. It’s a beautifully simple way to help those in need of it. This is their story and Rebel Voice hopes you will share it so that more might know.

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