Migrant Children Abducted By Federal USA – One Child’s Story – Meet Wilson

Rebel Voice has written extensively about the issue of migrant children being abducted by the Federal Authorities of the United States. There are those who deem such abhorrent behaviour to be acceptable. They excuse it by blaming the parents of the children for bringing them into a country without the appropriate paperwork. Yet how can and why should children be punished for the desperation of their parents? Removing them from their families is a serious punishment.

The process of abducting migrant children is a methodical ploy in psychologically intimidating would-be migrants. The issue is well publicized. Potential refugees are then deterred from trying to reach the US as they now face having their children taken from them. This is the most cynical approach to border control in which the most vulnerable, namely the children, are the greatest victims. It should be classed as a crime against humanity.

Democrats originally leapt upon the bandwagon of specious morality to apportion blame on Trump. This was little more than shameless opportunism, as Obama’s administration was also responsible for the ill-treatment of migrant children. That is not to say that Trump should escape censure. He should not. The orange menace has taken a democrat’s policy and expanded it thereby increasing the suffering of the young. He did campaign upon a platform of stopping illegal immigration. He sought to castigate refugees, labelling them the cause of all of the US’s troubles.This is reminiscent of how the Nazis portrayed the Jews of Germany and then Europe. Trump and his core support don’t care. US citizens voted for this person and continue to back him.

It is uncertain exactly how many children were taken from their parents. It’s not known, publicly, where some of them are. Many have been transported thousands of miles from their parents within the confines of the US. Rebel Voice is of the opinion that if it was possible, Trump would send those children to Guantanamo, as they would then enter a more complex judicial positioning, leaving Trump room for greater manoeuvre. There has been little morality in any US administration since Jimmy Carter in the 70’s and there is little that trump will not do to get his way. The working classes, lower middle classes, Muslims, migrants and children are all expendable in the cloistered world of Donald Trump.

The following report takes us on a journey as experienced by just one child, Wilson, who was stolen from his mother, Tomita. Although the children are relatively well treated physically, there is no telling just how the psychological and emotional trauma will affect them in both the long and short-term. It should be noted that although the Democrats screamed blue murder when this issue was first exposed, they have since become remarkably quiet. Is this a good indication of their false anger which played well for the cameras?

So please take a look at Wilson‘s story, and then consider that there are still too many migrant children imprisoned far from their parents across the United States of America. It is, as stated previously, a crime against humanity. Rebel Voice asks the questions, when will it stop and when will those responsible be held to account?

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