Ancient Technologies That Remain Mysterious

Yep, we modern people think we know it all. We presume that we are so much more intelligent than our predecessors. We have our internet, our mobile phones, our airplanes and lasers and video games and lingerie. Surely those who went well before us must be daft in comparison?

No, they’re not. In fact, humans have not increased their intelligence at all over the centuries. What we have today was built upon the discoveries of past generations who were every bit as clever as we are (Trump’s excluded as he’s a total clown and would be such in any era unless you move him into the world of lichen in which case he might break even). If Plato was alive today, he would still be a genius. Archimedes would be working for a prestigious university creating fancy levers. Aristotle, Euclid and Pythagoras would most likely be working for Microsoft, or perhaps would have their own IT start-ups, making them wealthy beyond imagination. Those fellas would kick intellectual ass regardless of when they were around.

The following presentation takes a light look at some of the inventions of the ancient world that are still not fully understood by this one. Some are mysterious, and some are simply so ancient that the processes used have been lost to antiquity. Take a look and see if you still view our antecedents in the same way as you did before.

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