Jeffrey Epstein: Paedophile In Public Life, Friend To The Powerful (Part 3, Connections To “Mega” Group And Israel Revealed)

Rebel Voice has tried to post parts 1 and 2 to this informative series by Mint Press. Unfortunately we have been informed that Facebook has removed those posts and they can no longer be shared via this platform. They can, however, still be found on Facebook for the time being, including on the Rebel Voice page where they link directly to the Mint Press site.

There is no need to go into detail about just how vile the paedophile Jeffrey Epstein was. His untimely, yet convenient-for-some, death will come as no surprise to those who observe the MO of the rich and powerful, particularly when they are cornered. Epstein was a friend to many influential people, both within the world of politics and the entertainment business. The truth about what he was engaged in, and what he facilitated, is still emerging. With the death of Epstein, a key witness is gone.

There is no doubt that Epstein had enough information to embarrass and perhaps jail certain powerful individuals. Now that he’s gone, they will breath a sigh of relief, the danger to them being greatly reduced. Epstein could have used his testimony to bargain for a better deal with the US Federal Authorities. That deal could have destroyed some with all to lose.

Sometimes it can be easy to see plots where none exist, especially if your mind is hungry for them. Many members of the public wanted Epstein to have been at the centre of a paedophile network that included Bill Clinton, Andrew Windsor, Kevin Spacey and Donald Trump, all of whom were acquainted with Epstein, some of whom were flown by Epstein to his private resort where child abuse is alleged to have taken place.

Those who would defend the likes of Epstein, usually those who have much to lose, will label as conspiracy theorists all who question the conduct of Epstein and his associates regardless of emerging evidence. But can it be tagged as a conspiracy theory when there is factual data to back it up?

This entire episode involving Jeffrey Epstein is indicative of all that is wrong in global society. The powerful do as they please regardless of laws and morality. When exposed, they rush to hide, cover and remove any and all who might prove detrimental to their cosy existence. If a neutral observer were to stand back and look impartially at events surrounding the death of Jeffrey Epstein, then surely they would be obliged to ask questions as to whether or not Epstein took his own life.

Epstein was on suicide watch. Then he wasn’t. Then he died. His first apparent attempt failed but left bruises on his neck. It ensured that the public believed that Epstein was intent on taking his own life. It could be viewed as preparation for the main event, one that perhaps not even Epstein was aware was going to happen. Now that he has died, allegedly by his own hand, authorities can point to the ‘fact’ that he had already tried. They slipped up in their duty to watch over him, but they didn’t kill him. However, a cold view might question that version. Are we being played?

Jeffrey Epstein was a monster. He was inhuman and as such deserved to suffer and die. But he should have been given a chance to testify, not in his own defence (as there is no defending what he was guilty of), but against those who assisted him and partook of the disgusting abuse of children. That can’t now happen.

When incidents like this take place, Rebel Voice is always forced to rely on that old ponderable, “Who benefits?” 9/11 threw up many questions still unanswered. Those who benefited were not Al Qaeda who were all but destroyed. Those who benefited have went from strength to strength. In the death of Epstein, who benefits? Not his victims who have lost a chance to accuse him in court. Not the honest investigators who have lost their key witness. Not the general public who will struggle to hear the truth. No, those who will benefit are those who were as guilty as Epstein. They remain free.

The following article takes a look at the shady connections fostered by Epstein in the world of politics amongst others. Rebel Voice is based in the Occupied Six Counties of Ireland. As such, this platform is well versed in the lengths that so-called Intelligence Agencies will go to in their efforts to fight those who would oppose them. These lengths include setting up brothels to entice ‘subversives’ so that they can be compromised and controlled by threats of exposure to family and society at large.

Was Jeffrey Epstein responsible for the creation of a “honey trap” (we shudder to use the term in this instance) so that powerful players in world politics and business could be manipulated and controlled? Or was he simply a sick person who sought the company of other like-minded individuals?

Information, misinformation and disinformation, it will all be strewn across our screens. It might overwhelm. But, of course, the next big thing will happen and we’ll move on as directed by the MSM who, as it happens, are owned and controlled by the rich and powerful, just like those who were friends with Jeffrey Epstein. Food for thought?

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