The Hillbilly Moon Explosion – Featuring Mark ‘Sparky’ Phillips (Rockabilly)

Mark ‘Sparky’ Philips is a founding member of the Welsh psychobilly band, ‘Demented Are Go‘. Here he joins The Hillbilly Moon Explosion, a Swiss rockabilly group formed in 1998. This video could have been put together by the United Nations.

No matter how the collaboration came about, it’s one damn fine song and Rebel Voice is at a loss to understand how it was never better known, although it was only released this March (2019) so may make the big time yet. Sparky’s vocals are perfect for this presentation. His gruff voice compliments his gruffer exterior. The melody is neither psychobilly nor rockabilly. In fact, there’s ne’er a billy to be seen other than in the dress sense of the female lead, Emanuela Hutter. It’s something a little different for your delectation.

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