47 Movies That Never Got Nominated, But Probably Should Have

The entertainment industry can be a funny old business. Apart from all the sexual shenanigans that take place, both with and without consent, there is the networking and behind the scenes scams being run to suit particular agendas. It can be a murky world for those in it and utter confusion for those of us on the outside.

When Oscar time comes around, we are often left scratching our heads at the decisions that are made. Some movies get their just awards and some don’t. Those individuals who have received an Academy Award previously, get a vote, as do those who were nominated. But how much lobbying goes on prior to the big night and who are all the other members who get a say in who wins? 19% of voters in the awards ceremony have won an Oscar and 14% have been nominated. As more people are nominated each year than win, the percentages should be much different. So who decides which nominees are to be given a vote and which aren’t? (94% of voters are white, by the way) That also leaves 67% of the approx. 6000 eligible voters, who have been invited or accepted for other reasons, to make the difference in any outcome. Who has influence among this group and why are they kept secret?

Rebel Voice is always sceptical of organisations, such as the Academy, who insist on keeping secrets that really are unnecessary. It leaves them open to charges, or at least the suspicion, of corruption and vote rigging or vote buying. Oscars matter, and can make a career. Is there opportunity for malign forces to conduct their dirty business hidden from the gaze of an enthusiastic public? Are the former winners and nominees merely window dressing for the big night? If so, why do they allow themselves to be manipulated in this way? Perhaps they’re much more needy than they would have us believe, or believe themselves? It’s all shady, very shady.

The following article looks at 47 films that in all likelihood should have received a nomination for an Academy Award, but didn’t. See if you agree with the selection, or are there others, perhaps, that should be on the list?

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