The New Statesman – Alan Acts Insane In Court

Alan B’Stard was a vile man of the highest order. He was callous, greedy, deceitful, unscrupulous, unprincipled, cowardly and perverse. He was a Tory. In this clip from the popular sit-com, The New Statesman, we see the lengths this Tory will go to in his attempts to escape justice. Rebel Voice is glad that the Tories have never really caught on in the Occupied Six Counties. It’s bad enough that they have any semblance of power here, via the Occupation, but at least we don’t have to vote for them, or against them (at least not outside of North Down). But we do, sadly, have experience of their MO, and Rebel Voice can confirm that Alan B’Stard is not so far away from the reality. He’s a parody, yes, but a scarily accurate one. Alan’s fake Nostradamus prophecy could be interpreted as a reference to Boris Johnson, if you believe in that kind of thing. Who needs The Simpsons when we have The New Statesman.

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