The New Statesman – Alan Acts Insane In Court

Alan B’Stard was a vile man of the highest order. He was callous, greedy, deceitful, unscrupulous, unprincipled, cowardly and perverse. He was a Tory. In this clip from the popular sit-com, The New Statesman, we see the lengths this Tory will go to in his attempts to escape justice. Rebel Voice is glad that the […]

Top 10 Little Britain Sketches

To be fair to the Brits, they have always been streets ahead of any other nation (at least English speaking nation) in terms of their comedy. From the Goons to Monty Python to Faulty Towers to Only Fools and Horses to The Inbetweeners, British comedy is top notch. Throw in The League of Gentlemen, The […]

Catherine Tate Show – Granny And The Ugly Baby

Any readers who come from large families, such as those found across Ireland, will know of at least one member who is crude and liable to say the wrong thing at the most inappropriate time. Usually it’s a man, but not always. Sometimes the worst culprit might be a woman, an old woman. It’s incongruous […]

Benny Hill – Benny’s Quickies (1976)

In the 1970s, no one who had access to Thames Television and a TV in The Celtic Isles would have missed The Benny Hill Show. The bawdy humour shown was of its time, but was so socially acceptable that even children got to stay up to watch it. The Tory party apparently haven’t manage to […]

Citizen Smith – Abide With Me

Here is another installment from the life of Wolfie Smith as he fights for the British proletariat against the ravages of the Capitalist system – and then goes for tea and scones. If you enjoyed this, please share

Citizen Smith – Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner

This episode is a blast from the past for some. Citizen Smith was Tooting’s answer to Che Guevara. He was a naive Marxist from south London who regularly found himself in all sorts of trouble with society. First broadcast in 1977, Citizen Smith is interesting for the clothes and attitudes to be found. It is […]

Mr Bean At The Hospital

Here we see the (possibly) future British Foreign Secretary as he negotiates his way through the bureaucracy associated with the NHS. Bean is a one off, thankfully, but Boris Johnson is not far away in terms of incompetence and bumbling idiocy. In fact, Bean could be chip whip of the Tories. If you enjoyed this, […]

Top 10 Funniest TV Shows

There are many TV shows that stick in our memories for their humour and questionable content. In fact, there is such a plethora that it would be impossible to list them all in one article. The following vid provides us with a list of just 10. They may not be your choice and it does […]