Top 10 Little Britain Sketches

To be fair to the Brits, they have always been streets ahead of any other nation (at least English speaking nation) in terms of their comedy. From the Goons to Monty Python to Faulty Towers to Only Fools and Horses to The Inbetweeners, British comedy is top notch. Throw in The League of Gentlemen, The IT Crowd, Open All Hours, Blackadder, Red Dwarf and any Tory Party conference, and you will see just how amusing the Brits can be.

One of the foremost sketch shows of the naughties was Little Britain, in which Matt Lucas and David Walliams presented us with a range of parodies that delighted and appalled. Their great appeal is that the characters are the kinds like people we may recognize, animated caricatures that make us cringe and laugh out loud in equal measure. The series was critically acclaimed and rightfully so.

Here is one selection of 10 of the best from personalities as diverse as Lou and Andy and the inimitable Vicky Pollard. Rebel Voice wonders which character you would most hate to have dinner with?

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