Benny Hill – Benny’s Quickies (1976)

In the 1970s, no one who had access to Thames Television and a TV in The Celtic Isles would have missed The Benny Hill Show. The bawdy humour shown was of its time, but was so socially acceptable that even children got to stay up to watch it. The Tory party apparently haven’t manage to move on from those attitudes, but there’s no denying the popularity of that particular sketch show during those turbulent times.

Beautiful, scantily-clad women chased after the roguish Benny Hill as he slapped the head of a little bald man before running all over the village. Sound silly? It was. But then again, so is politics as practiced by most politicians today in The Celtic Isles. At least Benny Hill had no pretensions about himself or his career.

So pull up a pew and take a trip down memory lane, or a jaunt to a time when p.c. was neither a computer nor an attempt to remove all fun from society, but instead stood for public consumption, and Benny Hill was certainly that.

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