The New Statesman – Tory Torturing Teddy Bear (British Satire)

Rik Mayall was born in 1958 and died in 2014. He starred in many plays, TV shows and films. How was a regular feature on British television during the eighties and nineties taking on roles as diverse as a teenage student dosser to an Elizabethan adventurer to that of a binlid who shared a house with an equally wacky Ade Edmondson. To put it simply, Rik Mayall was a comedy god for those of us fortunate enough to have been there.

One of his most enduring roles was that of Alan B’Stard, a Tory MP with a mile-wide ruthless streak that would have made Thatcher weep with jealousy. In the following clip, we see Alan torturing the teddy bear of his former personal assistant and betrayer, Piers. It’s typically over-the-top Mayall, but that was what we loved about him. He never lacked energy in his performances and was the British version of Jim Carey before the Canadian was ever heard of. Enjoy.

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