Blues Saraceno – The River (Country Rock)

Here’s another from the former guitarist of Poison. Blues Saraceno is famed for his soundtracks, including Sons of Anarchy. This one has a real biker vibe, or perhaps instead of a motorcycle a horse could be substituted as the outlaw traverses the wilder parts of the United States in search of whiskey and women. The softer early melody gives way to a rocking explosion of noise with child vocal accompaniment which lends a strange but intriguing contrast to what is a fairly good piece of backing music.

Rebel Voice likes to listen to this tune whilst wearing cowboy boots, blue jeans and a ripped t-shirt that says “Shitkickers Rule”. We also chew tobacco and spit it at strangers and postmen during the song as we laugh uproariously at little old women who stumble over broken pavements and then give us the finger and tell us to “f**k off as they key our 4×4”. Ah, the joys of living in Irish suburbia. Enjoy.

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