Tito & Tarantula – After Dark (From Dusk Till Dawn Soundtrack)

It might be the best vampire movie ever made. It’s certainly up there. But what stands out for many about From Dusk Till Dawn is the soundtrack. It’s smokin’ hot. One of the bands featured on it is Tito & Tarantula, a chicano rock band formed in Hollywood in 1992. They have a cameo role […]

Top 10 Creepy Cults In Movies

Creepy cults. That could describe the British Tory Party. Change one letter and that would still describe the British Tory Party. Having seen the Children of the Corn, Rebel Voice still shivers when a blonde child looks this way, and don’t get us started on wicker furniture. Anyhoo, here’s a look at one list of […]

Top 20 Iconic Horror Movie Masks

It’s perhaps of concern that so many people like to dress up as horror villains and wear masks associated with evil intent. Halloween must be a psychologist’s wet dream. We, the people, like to become the bad guy, if only in our fevered imaginations. We become Michael Myers, Leatherface and Freddie Kruger, giving little thought […]

Top 10 Actors Who Refused To Shoot Scenes Together

Hmm…┬áRebel Voice is never sure about posts like this. The subject matter is of interest to readers but in essence is bullshit. Actors are over-paid attention-seekers who seldom use the platform they have been given for anything of worth. There are exceptions to this of course. A,B and even C listers get paid more than […]

Top 10 Prison Escapees Who Were Never Found

There always seems to be something almost perversely romantic about prison breaks. It’s admirable that inmates locked up securely and kept under close watch can manage to evade their jailers to reach freedom. When POWs succeed, we cheer for them and Hollywood makes movies about them. When ordinary criminals try, we might still feel a […]

The Lord Of The Rings Cast – Where Are They Now?

Ever wondered what happened to Gollum (no, he was not Trump’s lovechild)? How about Gandalf? What about Sam and Frodo? Well ponder no further as Rebel Voice has decided to answer your queries, via proxy. When The Lord of The Rings; The Fellowship Of The Ring was first released in 2001, it was lauded and […]

Another Top 10 Famous People Who Were Blacklisted In Hollywood

The entertainment business can be a fickle world, especially if you have independent opinions. Stars, rising and otherwise, are all concerned with their careers. They network and hobnob and cajole to further their own place within that domain. This often means that intelligent people, as many celebrities are, will ignore whatever principles they have in […]