Top 10 Reasons Why Ned Flanders Should Leave Springfield

Poor Ned Flanders. It’s bad enough that his beloved wife died, but he also has to live next door to the Simpsons. Homer is great to laugh at, when he’s not right beside you. But imagine if you had to deal with him on a daily basis. Or Bart. OK, he’s a kid with a […]

Austin Powers Theme And Entrance

James Bond was never like this. Austin Powers takes the spy genre and mangles it into something akin to a warm cuddle with subsequent tickling. The opening sequence from the popular spy spoof is a masterclass in parody. Rebel Voice is pleased to be able to brighten your day a little with this wonderfully, choreographed […]

Top 5 McDonald’s Scandals

The Golden Arches, Micky D’s, a cesspit of culinary toxicity, call it what you will but McDonald’s is everywhere. Most readers will have dined, if that word can be used, at this fast food franchise at some time. But how many have retruned and how many are regular visitors? The following video looks at just […]

Top 10 Post-Apocalyptic Movies

We Homo Sapiens have been having a perverse love-affair with the Apocalypse for many decades now. This has moved from the sub-culture of 70’s zombie movies to the mainstream. Whether it’s an asteroid strike, global warming, aliens, pandemic or the aforementioned zombies, western societies seem hellbent on living vicariously through the end times. Psychologists will […]

Top 10 TV Shows With Best Action

TV is where it’s at these days. Increasingly, we see the Hollywood elite moving to the small screen as they search for a vehicle to showcase their wares. There is much for the viewer to choose from. But which TV shows have the best action? The following is a list of ten of the best. […]

Top 10 Big Bang Theory Moments

Rebel Voice is a big fan of this sit-com. The shenanigans of Sheldon, Penny, Leonard and crew are enough to put a smile on a weary face, if that face belongs to a nerdy type. Rebel Voice is one such dweeb and proud of it. In this selection, we get to see some of the […]

Top 10 Best Horror Movies Of 2018

Horror movies. Theresa May naked. Donald Trump naked. Nikki Haley naked. Roseanne Barr naked. All of them together naked… ah Jaysus stop it, you’re killing me. There will be no sleep tonight. OK, most people enjoy a scare. They religiously attend the movies theatres and pay extortionate amounts for the privilege. Why? Because we’re all […]