Top 10 Strange Things Named After Famous people

Society just loves to immortalise celebrities, even when we know better. Even in Republics, the people move to create new monarchies from among the A-listers. In the UK, the two groups have now converged with the inclusion of Meghan Markle into the Windsor family; a celebrity who is now a royal.

There is also the trend of naming items and concepts after the famous. This proclivity is driven by advertising. We have the promotion of products, services and entertainment, all of which encourage us to remember the famous people associated with the brand. Clever marketing.

In the following offering, we see 10 things named after famous people. This is by no means a complete list and Rebel Voice wonders what others you would put up there, and whether or not you have used the ones shown. The men in this site just love our Daisy Dukes (wearing them that is, we’re not sexist…).

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