Top 10 Best X-Men Movie Moments

Rebel Voice often wonders how bad or boring life must be for adults who want to watch movies about mutant people who gang together to fight all and sundry. Would a good walk through a forest park not be more rewarding? How about a swim? Climbing a tree? What about having sex with your next door neighbour when her husband is on duty with local law enforcement?

The X-Men have been around for a very long time. They made the leap from comic book to silver screen in some style, and the entire genre is now to the fore of movie entertainment. It’s big business and pure escapism, likely born of adult ennui.

Here is a look at one list of 10 of the best clips from the movie franchise. If you’re a fan, you may disagree with the selection. If you’re not, you might not care. In any event, spandex is wholly impractical for saving the world in. The X-Men and X-Women would be better served wearing something that doesn’t sweat or chafe, like comfy cotton sweat-pants and good trainers.

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