100 Best Films Of The 21st Century (so far)

There are many lists of the best of. Best rock bands. Best actors. Best sandwiches. Best underwear. Best day of the week. Best way to pick your nose. Best list of best lists. The following is a list of 100 of the ‘best’ films of the 21st century. OK, the 21st century is not that long started so there isn’t necessarily a great deal to choose from. This list might be a tad premature. In any event, someone has taken time to compile it, so it would only be polite to take a scally at it. Rebel Voice hopes you find something in here that will bring a smile to your Monday face.

Are there movies on here that shouldn’t be, and are there others that should be on it but aren’t? (Gladiator came in at a release date of 2000 – seems like it’s been around longer than that)

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