I Wish To leave The World – José Martí

José Martí was born in Cuba in 1853. He was an intellectual known as a poet, journalist, essayist, professor, translator and, of course, revolutionary. He was central to Cuba’s fight for independence from Spain and is known as The Apostle of Cuban Independence. He died while fighting the Spanish at the Battle of Dos Ríos on May 19th, 1895.

The following poem, by this Cuban literary great, is a poignant comment upon his ardent desire to pass on to the next life whilst surrounded by nature. It appears that Martí got his wish.

I Wish To Leave The World

I wish to leave the world

By its natural door;

In my tomb of green leaves

They are to carry me to die.

Do not put me in the dark

To die like a traitor;

I am good, and like a good thing

I will die with my face to the sun.

José Martí

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