I Wish To leave The World – José Martí

José Martí was born in Cuba in 1853. He was an intellectual known as a poet, journalist, essayist, professor, translator and, of course, revolutionary. He was central to Cuba’s fight for independence from Spain and is known as The Apostle of Cuban Independence. He died while fighting the Spanish at the Battle of Dos Ríos […]

If You’ve Seen A Mount Of Sea Foam (Verse V) – José Martí Poem

José Julián Martí Pérez was born in Cuba in 1853 and died there in 1895, being killed whilst fighting the Spanish colonial forces in the war to liberate Cuba. Martí was a strong inspiration for the Cuban revolutionaries of the 1950’s. He is known as The Apostle of Cuban Independence and is highly regarded across Latin […]

Cuban Revolution- The Fearless Women Who Fought For Freedom

Anyone familiar with Cuba will be aware of the great victory of the socialist revolutionaries over the dictator, Batista, in 1959. What is less well known, however, is the prominent role that women played in that success. From the very beginning, Cuban women were to the fore in the fight against fascism and oppression. They […]

Assassination of Che Guevara

Che Guevara is legendary, yet real. His self-sacrifice demonstrated the best in humanity. The assassination of Che was an act of cowardice by those who know little of honour or ethics. He will be remembered when no one knows the name of the dogs who killed him. The article below gives us some further insight […]