New Russian Drone Battle-tanks Enter Service

Life is already imitating art as drones begin to play a greater role in our daily lives. Small commercial drones are one thing, but when the big boys of the military get involved, these unmanned vehicles, both land-based and airborne, become very serious kit indeed. Currently, both the USA and Russia lead the way in the development of such weaponry. The following article takes a look at just one of these remotely-operated vehicles.

Although such machines can reduce the number of human battlefield casualties, they also remove the controllers from the theatre of war. This will lead to a lessening in the value of human life as war becomes little more than a video game, and we all know just how many people die in those questionable forms of entertainment.  So is humanity going down the road that will lead us, eventually, where the Nazis wanted to take us decades ago, namely to a world where the only life that matters is your own and that of your chosen group?

Take a look at one possible future in the next video.

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