Russia’s New Robot Assault Vehicle – The Future Of Warfare?

When robots are given control over weapons and dealing death, we have moved onto the slippery slope to Skynet. Machines have no conscience. Then again, neither do Capitalists. But at least people might have family who could persuade them of their evil acts and stop them. What does a machine care? Reading that passage, it […]

New Russian Drone Battle-tanks Enter Service

Life is already imitating art as drones begin to play a greater role in our daily lives. Small commercial drones are one thing, but when the big boys of the military get involved, these unmanned vehicles, both land-based and airborne, become very serious kit indeed. Currently, both the USA and Russia lead the way in […]

New Technologies That Will Shape Our World

There is much debate about the way our societies are progressing in terms of technology. Are we rushing headlong into a humanitarian disaster, or are we over-analyzing everything as we did with the arrival of the millennium – remember how everything was rumoured to shut down with apocalyptic consequences? The following video gives us a […]

Russian Tech – Kalashnikov Design Walker Robot

We’ve seen them in Star Wars as they stomped through the forests of Endor where the Ewok lived, as Luke and Hans fought to save the galaxy, the one that is far, far, away. Walker transports were once confined to the realms of fiction, but now have found their way into reality. The Russians have […]

The Fear Index – Novel By Robert Harris

The Fear Index by Robert Harris      [Please note, spoilers abound in this review] Dr Alex Hoffman is a genius. He was a former employee of the CERN research project before a psychological breakdown caused him to switch careers. Hoffman used his mathematical prowess to design a more independent and self-learning algorithm that could be […]

Dark Matter – Novel By Greg Iles

Dark Matter by Greg Iles This is a high octane ride through the world of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and deals with the pros and cons of progressing too far too quickly in this field. As we become more fully immersed in the world of the internet, and as our western societies depend evermore completely upon […]

Earth’s Future – 10,000 Years From Now

This brief look into the future of our planet, and species, is intriguing for all that it doesn’t tell us. It’s impossible to say what will happen to us as we are an extremely unpredictable bunch, apart from our relentless greed that is. The video doesn’t pretend to know what will happen in the distant […]