Defence Specialist, Jay Tuck, Speaks About Dangers Of Artificial Intelligence

In this presentation, Jay Tuck speaks about the rise in AI (artificial intelligence) and its destructive potential. We have all seen the movies about what will happen when machines gain power over us. Although the film industry does exaggerate the various scenarios from Terminator to Demon Seed, all the better to wow us, the eventualities are not as far-fetched as they might seem.

Today, computers do run a large part of our lives. The real problem will be when computers learn to independently write all of their own programs. At that point, they will logically discover that humans are surplus to requirements. As machines have no morality, we will find ourselves at the lack of mercy of computers that have a superior intellect and unburdened by pesky matters such as scruples and remorse. Those interested in these future pitfalls should read the Robert Harris thriller, The Fear Index, which has been reviewed here:

After watching the following talk, you may never look at your laptop in quite the same way again. You may even take a hammer to your smartphone. Enjoy.

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