Israeli Military Serving Propaganda Time On Social Media

Those who browse media outlets that are not part of the MSM will have noticed the aggressive insertions of those known as the Hasbara. This shady group is mostly made up of Israeli retirees and students who are paid by their government to disseminate pro-Israeli propaganda. Although the Hasbara are tasked with writing nice things about Israel, they regularly descend into making death threats and hurling abuse at those humanitarians who support Palestine.

But there is yet another aspect to the Israeli Department of Propaganda, and that is the involvement of the IOF (Israeli Occupation Forces). As the following video shows, the Zionist military have become fully immersed in what they perceive to be an online war. This malicious military propaganda sector are also charged with spreading anti-Palestinian messages across all social media. Some of them are subtle, others are not. They are all part and parcel of the Israel war machine’s drive to goosestep their way over the truth.

But forewarned is forearmed. Say hello to the IOF merchants of disinformation known as the New Media Desk.

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5 Responses

  1. kostas antoniadis

    Great article. Just FYI, I made the picture of the boy with the tank. You are welcome to use any of my pictures for a worthwhile cause, but it would be nice if I was acknowledged. Thx, Kostas

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  2. So despite their flowery descriptions of being a source of information and the rest of it, it’s a propaganda unit. Having to create this unit should make them realise it’s not a publicity or perception problem they have. It’s a widespread and fundamental disapproval of their barbaric behaviour. I think it’s generally accepted that the Zionist supporting mass media give unconditional and favourable commentary on anything related to Israel. Zionist supporting, if not openly expressing that opinion, fill the editing and production rooms, the recent Margaret Hodge relationship with a highly placed member of BBC staff being a good example.
    No amount of battalions of official media information specialists can correct the growing feeling that the persecution of Palestinians is in any way related to Israeli security.

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