Top 10 Future Technological Inventions That Are Here (Almost) – For Better Or Worse?

The future is exciting. The future is scary. Our rush to embrace complex IT processes is almost complete. We desire a life of leisure where robots and technology do all the work. Yet it appears that as we improve computer systems the benefits to humanity are marginal. Mobile phones, for example, were supposed to make everything more convenient. Instead they have increased intrusions into our private lives and sped our lives up. We are now always on call.

Machines do much of the work that people used to do, but those people are now surplus to requirement and are not being cared for by governments. Wars are now conducted remotely as sterile technicians sit at terminals and slaughter large number of people using unmanned drones. Skynet is a work of fiction that is closer to reality than ever. Rebel Voice despairs of the way in which modern technology, which could be used to better all of our lives, is being misappropriated and manipulated to make them worse.

The only bright point is that the internet has allowed the ordinary person a voice, even if serious attempts are made to silence them. Of course, the internet has brought with it a host of additional problems and is a very bloody two-sided sword.

The following video introduces us to some of the hi-tech equipment that is being used, or modified, in our world. Do we ignore the risks at our peril?

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