The Andromeda Evolution – Michael Crichton Sequel by Daniel H Wilson

The Andromeda Evolution by Daniel H Wilson. It’s 50 years since the alien virus known as The Andromeda Strain almost wiped out humanity when it emerged in a remote US town. Although the particular type of virus was believed destroyed at the time, a mutation escaped into the atmosphere. This variant upon the original is […]

Children Of Time – Novel By Adrian Tchaikovsky

Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky In a galaxy far, far away, life goes on as normal and it has absolutely nothing to do with this book. There are no Hutts, or Gungans or Ewoks anywhere. There are many other aliens, though, but then again, are they really alien at all? Confused? Then read on […]

Fractals – Nature’s Patterns Now Used In Biomimetic Technology

In this article, Rebel Voice introduces the mysterious world of fractals. These are patterns found in nature and space which are now being replicated for use in modern technology, such as mobile phones and genetic research. This process, known as biomimetics, has proved to be extremely useful in our modern world. Velcro is probably the […]

Venus Or Mars – Colony Of Choice?

So which would you chose to live on, Venus or Mars? Suppose it depends upon whether you’re male or female, as we all know that men come from Mars and women from Venus, or is it the other way around in this enlightened age of gender-ambiguity? If you enjoyed this, please share

Top 10 Fictional Space Stations

Space: the final frontier (in the world of real estate). There’s just so much of it that anyone can afford a piece if you can only get to it. Here are some places to stay on your journey there.

10 Best Science Fiction Movies?

There are too many great sci-fi movies to be viewed in one sitting – unless you are Sheldon Cooper – yet it is entertaining to take a peek at some of the most recent or best known. In this list, we get a glimpse at those that concern apocalyptic events. – If you enjoyed this, […]

Daughter Of Eden – Chris Beckett

Daughter Of EdenĀ  by Chris Beckett This is book 3 in the renowned Sci-Fi trilogy by the English author, Chris Beckett, and was first published in 2016. Rebel Voice has already reviewed the first instalment, Dark Eden, but sadly didn’t get a chance to enjoy book 2, Mother of Eden, yet. However, Daughter of Eden […]

Jupiter’s Moons – Off-World Colonies?

Ever wondered where humans will end up? Well, now you can have a look at the future real estate that your great grandchildren might be bidding over. Picture the scene, an auction on Mars where properties on the moons of Jupiter will be up for grabs. The best thing about this colonization? There will be […]

Earth’s Future – 10,000 Years From Now

This brief look into the future of our planet, and species, is intriguing for all that it doesn’t tell us. It’s impossible to say what will happen to us as we are an extremely unpredictable bunch, apart from our relentless greed that is. The video doesn’t pretend to know what will happen in the distant […]

Jupiter’s Red Spot Explained

Ever wondered what exactly that damn red spot on Jupiter that everyone talks about really is? Then query no more for all is explained in this short video. You can then impress your friends and potential lovers with your in-depth knowledge of how Jupiter works. On second thoughts don’t. You’ll never get laid with that […]

Space Exploration Top 10

Here is a perhaps questionable list of the top 10 achievements in space exploration. The vid is from the US and of course the number 1 achievement is credited to that nation. Guess which one it is? In any event, it is still an interesting insight to what our species has managed to succeed in. […]