New Russian Attack Chopper Unveiled

Regular viewers of the news, or fans of the movie industry, will be familiar with some US Army combat choppers. The AH-64 Apache and AH-1 Cobra choppers are used by as support for ground troops wherever the US decide to invade. These models are also sold to other nations, such as the UK, to supplement their capabilities.

However, some nations, such as China and Russia, also design their own attack helicopters. In the following presentation, we get to see the latest Russian creation. Attack choppers are playing an increasingly large role in the conflicts of the world as we see an upsurge in what is termed, Asymmetrical Warfare. Such vehicles are not invulnerable and can be taken down with the correct equipment. But then again, the nations that build these choppers are the same ones who build the ‘correct equipment’. Round and round we go. And all the while, civilians get caught up in the bloody merry-go-round. The technology is impressive though. It’s just a pity that it’s being used for destruction.

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