Latest Russian Jet Fighter Revealed – Su-57 Blasts Competition

The Su-57 is here. It’s the latest development in the on-going battle to see who can produce the most effective killing machines. Most aviation experts will agree that the Russians lead the way when it comes to inventing jet propulsion systems. Their space exploration capabilities are far ahead of those of their nearest rival, the USA. The same can be said of the engines used for jet fighters. The Su-57 is capable of operating at supersonic speeds for sustained periods of time in contrast to its predecessors. It all makes for an expensive intensification of the arms race.

Donald Trump has stated his intent to take weapons systems into space. He wants to create a ‘Space Force’. Given the Russian habit of outdoing the US in respect of rocket engine development, Trump may have made a serious error in challenging the Bear in this way. There’s nothing new in that (maybe the Russians told him to say it… wink, wink).

The following video gives us a preview of a weapon that is sure to see much action in the coming war-torn years. It’s unfortunate but true that humans are extremely creative when inventing the means of sowing death and destruction. Rebel Voice asks, why would respectable aliens be bothered with us?

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