US Military – New Technology – Advanced Robotics

Sometimes fact really is stranger than fiction. Modern technology is advancing so quickly that new developments become incredulous. We are swiftly moving into the age of the robot. Viable androids are on the horizon. Drones are already here.

Of course, military research is at the forefront of such ingenuity. It seems that nothing inspires homo sapiens more in their determination to invent than finding new ways to kill and oppress. It’s hard to know what that says about us as a species.

In the following presentation, we see how robotics are being used to produce ever more effective means of waging war. As we remove people on one side from the battlefield, it increases the casualties on the other. If both aggressors were solely robotic, then it would be OK. No human life would be lost. However, that’s not going to be the case. To compound this problem, there is the not so inconsequential matter of civilian casualties.

As accurately as computers can be programmed, they are still subject to errors and malfunctions. Machines do not have the capacity to differentiate fully between legitimate targets and those who are not. They lack empathy. Sadly, so do many people. The potential for slaughter in the use of robotic killing systems is enormous. But when did that ever stop the warmongers who currently control our world?

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