Russian Military Exoskeleton – Robocop Made Real With Weaponized Bionics?

Advancements in military technology are now entering the realm of sci-fi. Perhaps they always were. New developments in the field of exoskeletons has meant that ‘new’ soldiers are being created. These bionic suits can assist troopers in becoming more efficient in carrying out their duties. They serve to increase strength and stamina as the suit has the effect of taking the main stresses usually burdening a soldier. It all means that those in combat can carry more ammo and larger weapons than ever. The suits are also being designed to be bulletproof making the wearer more impervious to standard calibre ammunition.

It seems as if Robocop is finally becoming a reality. The theme of life imitating art is one which Rebel Voice has touched upon on a number of occasions. It’s difficult to know just how influential script-writers are when it comes to weapons design. The newest exoskeletons may need improvements, but there can be no doubt that they are going to eventually change the face of modern warfare. Hollywood fiction is becoming deadly fact.

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