Futuristic Rifles Available Today

The movies have provided us with lots of ideas of what rifles will look like in the future. Ripley chased aliens with some fairly fancy weapons and the Starship Troopers were pretty effective in taking down hordes of massive alien bugs using top notch assault rifles. But have the weapons designers of this time taken their cues from the script-writers of Hollywood?

In the video shown, we get a look at just some of the new breed of assault rifles that are being used in militaries today. Those shown are only those that the military top brass want us to see. The truth is that what they have developed, and are developing, is way beyond what is publicly made known. It never ceases to amaze Rebel Voice just how much effort is put into creating more effective means of killing people. Is that a strong comment upon Homo Sapiens? If we are so intent on being able to better eliminate one another, then is our species destined to survive long enough to escape this rock?

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