Field Test Of Russian Sniper Rifle – Weapon Used By Putin Security Team

The Russian made Lobaev DXL-3 is a formidable piece of kit. It’s the sniper rifle of choice for the security teams of Vladimir Putin, President of Russia. It’s of aluminium and single bolt construction and designed to perform well in low temperatures with an effective range of 2000m, making it one of the most sought after […]

Futuristic Rifles Available Today

When sci-fi meets sci-fact you get some pretty futuristic-looking guns. Soldiers of today are increasingly beginning to resemble Starship Troopers. Perhaps humans really need to get some aliens to kill, rather than one another?

Accuracy International AX 6.5 Creedmoor Sniper Rifle

Snipers have been in the news a lot lately with the killing of civilians, including children, by the Israeli military. Snipers are a highly effective tool within any nation’s capabilities, but are not designed for shooting innocents as is currently taking place in Gaza. Rebel Voice is unsure what type of rifle the IOF are […]

Doctor’s Report On Severity Of Palestinian Injuries From Sniper Attacks

This video looks at the injuries sustained by civilians in Gaza who have been shot by Israeli snipers. The results of such deliberate targeting is shocking. In any other region, such premeditated attacks would be regarded as crimes against humanity. Yet, when the aggressor is Israel, there is virtual MSM silence and little more than […]

10 Most Dangerous Snipers, Ever

This list providers a cursory look at the sniper, an operative who terrifies military personnel everywhere. Although snipers are in the news recently, due to Israeli use of these soldiers against civilians in Gaza, they are an effective tool in warfare against combatants. It’s a tad shocking to hear of just how many lives the […]

Gaza Images Of Despair – Israeli Attacks On Civilians

The following are just some of the many shocking images to have emerged from the Gaza Strip, in Palestine, where Israeli snipers have been deliberately targeting unarmed male and female civilians, some of whom are children. If it was any other state that carried out these war crimes, the government of the West would be […]

Apprentice In Death

Apprentice in Death   by J.D. Robb This is yet another solid performance from J.D. Robb, the pseudonym of Nora Roberts. Robb never fails to impress me in the quality of her plot-lines, each being fairly original and engaging. Apprentice in Death is, I think, number 43 in the Lieutenant Eve Dallas series. In this […]