Palestinian Boy Returns To School With One Leg After Israeli Sniper Attack

When searching for an image for the header to this piece, Rebel Voice typed into Google Free Images, ‘Palestinian boy goes to school with one leg’. No images of the scores of Palestinian children shot recently in Gaza emerged. Instead, one image popped up repeatedly of an Israeli boy who lost one of his legs to an explosive device (which is to be condemned). Rebel Voice was unable to acquire one of the many images out there of Gazan boys having been shot in the legs by Israeli snipers. It appears that there is an imbalance at play in Google, as elsewhere.

The following contains images of the young boy, Mohammed Abu Hussain, who returned to school with his disability. He is one of many in Gaza who have had their lives deliberately ruined by Israeli snipers targeting them during the Right to Return protests. Children pose no threat to Israel or its fascist troops. Yet children are being shot down and sometimes killed by the forces of the rogue state.

Sometimes, photos hit harder than any number of words. Take a look at what Israel has done to this young boy. His pain continues long after we will have moved on to the next Israeli atrocity.

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