India’s Apartheid Caste System Under The Spotlight

The caste system is an abhorrent form of discrimination. There’s no other way to view it. Children are marked at birth as inferior based upon their parentage. They are denied opportunities in life. They are marginalized and abandoned. It is utterly shocking that such a system could still exist anywhere in this day and age, but to think that a developed society such as India still allows a caste system to hold sway is terrible.

Many would attempt to mitigate the injustice of the castes by arguing that it’s cultural and traditional. So was slavery. Should slavery be legalized on this basis? (Some would say that slavery does still exist but has morphed due to the necessities of modern day Capitalism).

In the following video, we get a closer look at this Indian system of Apartheid where one section of society is labelled as ‘Untouchable’. If India is ever to be fully regarded as a modern, vibrant and fair nation, then the abomination that is the caste system must surely be abolished, along with the mindsets that maintained it in the first place. See what you think.

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2 Responses

  1. Thank you for sharing. Most often than not, the subject tends to be passed off as a mere cultural and traditional ‘given’ whereas in actuality it has been an integral part of the underhanded workings of the ‘unseen Brahman Empire’ that survived Buddhism, the Muslim Rule, and the British Raj.

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